martedì 17 novembre 2009

My timetable

Wednesday=mathematics,religious education,science,italian,mathematics.
Thursday=drawing,drawing,science,chemistry,physical education.
Friday=science,mathematics,physical,italian,physical education.


a - apple - my favourite fruit
b - bike - I often ride on it with my friends.
c - cakes - I love it.
d - dog - I've got one.
e - English - my favourite language
f - friendship - It's the most important feeling for me.
g - garden - I want to have my own garden
h- holiday - I love it !.
i- ice tea - I like it so much.
j -jazz - I like this king of music
k - keys - I often lose my key
l - lion - my favourite animal
m - Marysia - My friend's name :)
n - November - I hate this month.
o - O.S.T.R - my favourite singer.
p - Peter - his name:)
r- rest - I like it.
s- seaside - the best place for holiday
t- tiger - one of the most beautiful animal in the forest
u - umbrella - I lost about 6 umbrellas.
w - winter - My favourite season.
y- yetti - I don't believe in it
z- zoo - I sometimes go there with my friends.

martedì 6 ottobre 2009


My name is ilenia my surname is Dipace.I am fifteen year old girl.
I have one brother.I live with my parents.
I like playing volleyball and dance.I don't like playing football.
I love listening to music.
I am in the second year of ITCG.I think I am spontaneous and quiet.
I like people who are intelligent and nice.I don't like people who are boring and terrible.
I was born in Italy.My eyes are brown.My hair is brown.It is curly.I am medium-size.